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Economy Feb 11, 5: Below, we have an excerpt of that conversation. And so I started online dating, and immediately, as an economist, I saw this was a market like so many others. The ending of my personal story is, I think, a great indicator of the importance of picking the right market. We work a hundred yards apart, and we had many friends in common. And it was only when we went to this marketplace together, which in our case was JDate, that we finally got to know each other. What mistakes did you make? I was a little bit naive.

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Jim Cramer Most famous stock-picker of all time. Magna cum laude, Harvard, , a “government major. Wrote for Tallahassee News Democrat and L.

Nov 01,  · PBS NEWSHOUR: News, views and reviews Whether reporting on the fall of a dictator, the financial crisis or presidential elections, PBS NewsHour .

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Start with the Metropolitan Museum of Art Timeline of Art History, a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world. The timelines, accompanied by world, regional, and sub-regional maps, provide a linear outline of art history, and allow visitors to compare and contrast art from around the globe at any time in history. There is plenty more here apart from the Timeline: The Third Millennium B.

Turning the Pages Turning the Pages is an award-winning interactive display system developed by The British Library to increase public access and enjoyment of some of its most valuable treasures. There are currently fifteen treasures on display in Turning the Pages including: Stories link to organized primary and secondary source materials found principally at U.

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Lawmakers in Congress are calling for a hearing and investigation into sexual harassment at the U. Forest Service following the departure of its chief amid sexual misconduct allegations. Steve Daines of Montana said Thursday he is calling for a congressional hearing, saying that he wants to ensure “bad actors are held accountable. The move followed reports in recent years of rampant harassment within the agency. Jackie Speier of California, a Democrat and leading voice in Congress against sex harassment, called for a broad investigation of the Forest Service’s “toxic culture” by the Inspector General of the U.

The show is created by two Canadians, director Noah Pink and Steve Goldbloom, the latter of whom works at ITVS and is a former segment producer from PBS’ NewsHour.

In certain cases, religious issues and political ones seem to be inextricably intertwined. Due to the lack of a central unifying rulemaker, different sheiks may give different answers to the same question. Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. On December 2, the University of Al-Azhar religious scholars, the most respected in the Sunni Muslim word, called for holy war against the Zionists.

In Syria, Grand Mufti Ahmad Badruddin Hassoun issued a fatwa prohibiting every type of smoking, including cigarettes and narghile, as well as the selling and buying of tobacco and any affiliation with tobacco distribution see also Smoking in Syria. If people ask in the name of religion we must help them. The vehicle of this support is a complete boycott of the enemies’ goods. Each riyal, dirham …etc. For this reason, it is an obligation not to help them the enemies of Islam by buying their goods.

To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression. Buying goods from them will strengthen them; our duty is to make them as weak as we can. Our obligation is to strengthen our resisting brothers in the Sacred Land as much as we can.

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Economy Feb 14, The professor of behavioral economics and psychology at Duke University gave a Google Talk on relationships and dating back in October. I surveyed the newsroom and a few friends for questions the married, the engaged and the single wanted answers to. Below, Dan Ariely explains how not to fill out your online dating profile, how to make your friend less picky in who she dates, what questions to ask on a first date and why there is a correlation between moving to a nice school district and divorce.

Sep 30,  · A bit of background on media bias (or just plain sloppiness) embedded in the PBS NewsHour report and one of the nation’s top journalism schools whose Los Angeles-based students parachuted in to San Juan to examine, with “nuance,” complicated political and .

A roundtable on ethical issues in the age of the Internet, affirming the importance of boundaries of competence and other familiar ethical guidelines. Beck discussing Evil and Hate, alongside Philip Zimbardo, known for his Stanford Prison Experiment and his social psychology work exploring why ‘good men do evil things’. Zimbardo emphasizes that good apples in bad barrels end up bad, and the importance of ‘the system ‘and social pressures and reinforcers.

Beck focuses on individual belief as the basis for behavior, and strives to fix dysfunctional beliefs which he explores, in his efforts at cognitive restructuring, the essence of his cognitive behavior. He also has some evidence of a way to bring people together successfully, if they’ll agree to it. You can find several pages on Zimbardo and Ellis on this site.

New for , Beck at 93 recently reflected on advances in CT, has been energized by successes with CT as a humanistic and promising approach for schizophrenia, and has some clear ideas on ways to bring about peace, where behavior is now blinded by equal hate – and bad barrels – everywhere. Zimbardo meanwhile is continuing to ‘mend his evil ways’ and look at what makes the heroic good apples imagine good. Here what these two legends said when they were together speaking specifically about this topic.

Phil Zimbardo on Evil and Heroism Zimbardo discusses his transition from identifying social factors which creating ‘bad apples’ in systemic ‘bad barrels’ to a look at those who are able to remain ‘good’, and what it might take to inspire ‘heroic imagination’ to act when called upon to do good rather than evil. Beck at 93 The ‘father of cognitive therapy’ addresses psychologists at the APA Convention, and fields questions at age 93 about his successes and ‘regrets’, as well as about what he is most excited about lately.

In addition to discussing his recent revelations about treating schizophrenics, Dr. Beck spoke about the problems in the world which reflect hardened belief, and retain cycles of hate and distrust.

‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ remains among top banned classical novels

Gerald Neal is modest when asked about his role as the first African-American to hold a leadership position in the Kentucky General Assembly. He jokingly says he was in the right place at the right time with the right tools to do the job. Neal represents the 33rd State Senate District, which comprises parts of northwestern Jefferson County.

#webseriestoday #webseriescommunity #webnews Enjoy the latest Web series, Web shows, Web news, and community videos on Web Series Today. PBS NewsHour: A curious penguin joins scientists for a cold-water cruise.

The independent film Special When Lit – which celebrates the simple joys of the pinball machine – is an example of its unique approach to covering the arts. Unbelievably, the game raked in more money than Hollywood during the Fifties and Sixties but has now been largely forgotten. This tribute to the silver ball captures the passion for a game that inspired generations. Virus that halted America It reads like the plot of a horror film – 33, people dead in a single year, from an unseen virus.

The polio epidemic of is explored in an hour-long film, The Polio Crusade. Terrified parents kept children indoors, cinemas were closed and baseball games cancelled. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Polio: An American Story, by David Oshinsky, the film features fascinating interviews with survivors and Julius Youngner, the only surviving scientist from the research team that developed the eventual vaccine. With US unemployment at a year high, it makes for tough viewing.

News, views and reviews Whether reporting on the fall of a dictator, the financial crisis or presidential elections, PBS NewsHour has been the most trusted news source in the US since

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Each week, an episode from the show focuses on a tech subject — dating apps, for instance, or social media — and features Goldbloom holding interviews with CEOs from major related companies like Reddit, Grindr and Uber. Only this time, viewers also get a look at the behind-the-scenes footage that goes into segment making, such as footage taken in between stand-up takes or during conversations with less-than-enthused story producers. The five-minute weekly episodes are all shot in a mockumentary style similar to shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, standing somewhere in between fiction and reality.

Though some of the show comes off as more sketch satire than reality, it does feature real interviews with real people — giving viewers an in-the-making perspective on news while humanizing the large tech leaders in San Francisco, which is currently experiencing a significant tech boom. We asked Pink and Goldboom how the idea came about, what the evolving tech scene means for news organizations and why their show is better than The Newsroom:

State Speaker of the House Frank Chopp was a college student from Bremerton when he became passionate about affordable housing in Seattle’s Cascade neighborhood.

Read the Full Transcript Hari Sreenivasan: The new tax laws are set to take effect on Monday. Given that the president and Republicans in Congress just passed and signed the legislation days ago, some taxpayers are scrambling to try to squeeze in deductions, some for next year, before ends. While Republicans celebrated and called their tax bill historic, homeowners panicked and called their accountants in high-property-tax states like New York, California and New Jersey.

Phones and e-mails have been going off crazy, because a lot of people are hearing about the real estate tax deduction, hearing about all the changes, and wanting to know what to do. And that goes to my pocket. But you should look at it. CPA Dan Connolly also warns some people may be tempted to borrow money to make those prepayments. So the calculation is not that simple. But besides working the loophole, lawmakers in several states are also looking for other ways to soften the blow.

Here in Jersey, one bill would increase property tax deductions for homeowners. Some more questions and perspective about the changes to the tax code and end-of-the-year decision on property tax deductions. So, Mark, what are some of the factors that should go into figuring out whether you should make these payments now vs. Well, your piece was excellent and spot on with several of the observations from some of your professionals.

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According to The Belfast Telegraph, Rea is refusing to sign an undertaking that would allow documents containing information from the United States to be admitted in the case. Rea was charged in June with two killings and two attempted murders dating back to the mid s. Bell is charged with two counts of soliciting the death of Jean McConnville. His arrest resulted from the release of Belfast Project tapes subpoenaed in , according to The Irish Times.

It is unclear if the U.

PBS NEWSHOUR ONLINE DATING After falling for a likable woman that also includes the week of congress and ash consider dating shows online. Tv calendar fall tv online dating profiles of detroit’s automakers from , frontline.

Photo by Connie R. There are many variations in specifics, but, in general, it is the practice of taking a particular historic figure and learning absolutely everything one can about that individual, and then creating a live interpretation of that individual. As with any other topic, some scholars are more experienced than others.

Some scholars have researched and written volumes of work about their favorite person, while others have a more peripheral knowledge of the individual while retaining a great degree of contextual understanding; that is to say, their knowledge encompasses much of the wider world region, culture, ethnicity, era, social and economic standing, or education level in which that individual functioned.

Some scholars can claim both! Some scholars speak from their own research as well as that of others.

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